About 2007

Proby ended 2006 with the Johnny Cash Tribute Show ‘Ring of Fire’. All was well and everyone was looking forward to the New Year. When it came, it brought with it a very slow start for Proby….


We hear there is a business agreement between Proby and

Joe Longthorne’s management.

Proby and Joe meet at the Eric Mason Tribute event on February 28th.

(Photos copyright John Morris.)

There is to be a summer season with P.J. Proby in Blackpool.

It gets off to a fabulous start when Proby does two shows in the Paradise Rooms Easter Sunday and Monday.  Manja is there taking photo’s and writing a full show report. After these heart-stopping shows there is nothing but silence…


July sees Proby invited to take part in the Les Dawson tribute show ‘Night Of The Thousand Laughs’ again in Blackpool. It will be a Variety Show hosted by Joe Longthorne in aid of the Les Dawson Memorial Statue. Other performers will be Ricky Tomlinson, Frank Carson, Roy Walker, Chubby Brown, Jimmy James & Eli Woods, Jeremy Beadle, The Bachelors, Johnny Casson, David Copperfield, Jimmy Cricket, The Nolans, Carl Schofield, Leanne Fury, Gareth Fulton, Joe Blower, Lynda McMurry, The Roly Polys and the Phil Winston Dancers. Unfortunately, Joe Longthorne becomes ill and can’t make the show. This twist of fate gives Proby the opportunity to shine as only he can, and with his show stopper ‘Somewhere’ he leaves the audience dazed and pleading for more! You can read a report from a Probyan on the Delphi Forum. The following photo’s are copyright by John Morris:

Sadly nothing comes from the Joe Longthorne connection, which leaves Proby at a loose end during the main summer season. Autumn brings us a mini-tour of five shows, or as Proby says, “a bunch of one-niters.” For photos and reports have a look at the Autumn Tour page.


Surprisingly Proby is invited by the comedian Ricky Tomlinson to do one show in Birkenhead, with the Frank Johns Band accompanying him. On the Birkenhead page you can watch and listen to a song from the show.


On October 21st P.J. Proby attends a Tribute Luncheon given by The Heritage Foundation to honour songwriter Les Reed.

For an amazing amount of very good photos from earlier years see BearGrove’s site.