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This website is part of the official www.pjproby.net and www.pjproby.com website and is managed and officiated by 
Manja Dolan by appointment of 

This site has been set up for P.J. Proby fans around the world. It’s aim is to promote the legendary P.J. Proby and at the same time provide quality merchandise/memorabilia for his fans. 
You’ll always find the latest news on the Tour Dates here, together with a report of the year that was.
We’re working on the illustrated P.J. Proby Life Story and you’ll find the first two chapters here.

If you would like to reach P.J. Proby for a booking just send an email to info@dutchbrand.co.uk and we’ll make sure it will be dealt with in the proper way. It’s possible to contact DutchBrand for any Proby questions you may have.

The Proby Team is now enforced with a lot of faithful helpers. Our special thanks go to P.J.’s road manager Jonathan Kindon. 
We also like to thank all the merchandisers that are helping out at shows: Eve, Marilyn, Kathy, Sussi, Lynn, Lorraine, Caz, Joy, Bridget & Jill.

None of all this would have been possible without the ever-lasting support and active help on all fronts of my husband Brian Dolan.
“Proby International Promoters”
(PIP’s) are unpaid, self-appointed promoters of all things PJP and if you would like to help with the work in your spare time – let us know!

On these pages we plan to include new information on a regular base. 

In addition we have a Fan Forum, where The Proby Team will inform you about anything that’s happening regarding P.J. Proby: 
news about shows, new publications, new finds on the web etc. It’s meant to be a friendly, open place, where you can communicate with other Probyans, post your own Proby news or start a discussion!

We hope you’ll enjoy the website. 
Thank you for visiting! 
Come back soon and always remember...


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We have only used old material after trying to discover the maker and/or the owner of the copyright. If anyone feels he has a claim to copyright on anything on this website please let us know at: info@dutchbrand.co.uk.


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