P.J. has recorded an amazing amount of songs. These are released on different vinyl and CDs. Some of them only exist as a single or a digital file.  To make it easy to see what you’re still missing, we’ve made an alphabetical list of the names of the recorded songs and the original release on vinyl plus the easiest digital source.

You can downoad the list releases&recordings website.htm here.

If you have any comments please mail them to Manja at info@dutchbrand.co.uk.

To see all CD releases you can go to U.P’s CD page.

For a complete list of all the P.J. Proby releases on vinyl and tape you can have a look at the latest version of The Worldwide Proby Discography (June 2014) copy.xlsx.

This discography is regularly updated.

In the future we hope to add a list on this website of all known P.J. Proby unreleased demo’s. We plan also on making a list of all known P.J. Proby footage and a list of bootleg recordings from live performances. Any help is welcome. Please send an email to Manja at info@dutchbrand.co.uk.