There are many different P.J. Proby websites to be found, each offering something else. We will name a few here. If this is not enough for you, just google around! Don’t forget to go to YouTube to watch all the P.J. Proby footage, old and new!
Links to other P.J. Proby sites

The P.J. Proby pages

Joep Kilkens’ P.J. Proby pages is the first P.J. Proby website that was ever made. Here you’ll find P.J.s Life Story and a survey of all CDs that were ever released. You’ll find reactions of PJ to other artists and lots more! U.P as Joep calls himself for his international friends, hosts the chatroom and provides us each month with another song! U.P is a great P.J. supporter and a very helpful and friendly guy. He helped others to set up websites as well. Without U.P our site would never have existed!

P.J.’s MySpace

Here you can read the latest from P.J. and become his friend.

House Of Proby Forum

This forum is meant as a Fan Forum, where friendly discussions and show reviews are being shared. It’s also used to give official news from the P.J. Proby front. You can find new finds on the web there as well.

What’s more important: you can speak your own mind as much as you like and dip into a discussion or start one! It’s meant to be fun!

Björn Lund’s P.J. Proby sites

Björn Lund has been a P.J. Proby fan for a very long time and a PJP promoter since 1997. On his site you can find an amazing amount of information and very good photos. Under the name BearGrove Björn hosts many more P.J. Proby sites and P.J. Proby groups and also the Delphi P.J. Proby forum. Links can be found on his site.

Tony Priest’ Australian Pages

This is a very interesting site, and not just for Aussies!

Full show reports of P.J.’s Australian Tours. Don’t forget to read the newspaper clippings from 1965! Also there’s an interesting radio program to be heard. Tony Priest is doing a great job and the site keeps changing!

Auke Middel’s Pages

This site was made by the great Dutch Probyan Auke Middel, who sadly passed away on 23 May 2003. He worked on the site till shortly before his death. You can read different reports of shows and look at a lot of the historical Proby photos. Sadly part of the site is missing, but U.P saved a lot.

Links to friendly sites
The following sites are related to P.J. Proby in a positive way. More will be added in future.

Les Reed OBE official website

Songwriter Les Reed is an old friend of PJ and PJ recorded many of his songs. On this beautiful website you can read all about Les Reed!

Don’t forget to check out the discography section!

Chapter One Records

On this website from Chapter One Records, founded in 1968 by Les Reed, you can find a catalogue of 81 very special available CDs!

Discovering Doris

Stephen M’s wonderful Tribute to Doris Day.

Go on a journey and discover all about the lady, her music, her career and her love for animals! The site celebrates it’s ten year existence this year!

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation works exclusively to raise funds for the Arts and Entertainment Charitable Trust. It holds tributes and unveils plagues to honour persons who have contributed to comic heritage, musical heritage, sport heritage and film&television heritage.

In April 2004 P.J. Proby was honoured with a tribute luncheon. Have a look at the photos of the event on this site! In November 2008 a Christmas Dinner was held, combined with the celebration of PJs 70th Birthday! P.J. Proby can be seen regularly on the fuctions of the Heritage Foundation and if you would like to meet him one day, you can attend a function as well.

The Feds - Function Band

P.J.’s backing band The Feds can also be booked on their own. They are a very professional, multi-facetted band which can suit any event perfectly. Their musical style can vary and you can hire them from an 6 piece evening band for dance floor or jazz variations to a classical duo or solo guitar performance. Find out all about Mitch, Sarah, Paul, Sophie, Vicky and Andrzej on this site!

Vanity Fare

The famous, highly professional  Sixties Band Vanity Fare forms the back bone of the Oh Boy Tour and they do a great job backing Proby as well! Of course their own performance is superb as well! Here you can read all about their impressive history, their biography and discography and also you can see their photo gallery and Tour Dates!

Artist Unique

This is the website of the artist Clive O Rourke. He has made a very impressive drawing of Elvis, among other things. You’ll find an endorsement letter from P.J. Proby on his website. Please have a look at Clive’s artwork!