About 2015


Sadly, the year started with the funeral of dear friend and Proby fan Marion Probychild Lian

In February, PJ was asked for Diddi Hamilton’s TV show, where he met up with his old friend Diddy, Jess Conrad and Tony Christie

In March, Van Morrison released his Duets album, with one duet with PJ:

Whatever Happened To P.J. Proby?

Also in March, PJ’s pup Candy celebrated her first Birthday!

On 25 March PJ was invited by Van Morrison to join him on stage in the Royal Albert Hall in London for the Teenage Cancer Trust.  They performed three songs together: Whatever Happened To P.J. Proby, P.J. Calling Van Morrison -PJs answer to Van- and the .. number Bring It On Home. PJ had a chance to meet up up with his old pals georgie Fame and Roger Daltrey. Additionally, Jimmy Page joined them after the show and PJ & Jimmy had a good laugh together, after almost 50 years!

PJs  guest spot was repeated on Van Morrison’s show in Cardiff.

This time they added another duet: Turn On Your Love Light, a song that they both used to do in their act in 1965!

On the 25th of July, PJ attended the amazing wedding party of his sax player Sophie Freeman and Pacemakers keyboard player Tony Young!

On 31 August Van Morrison celebrated his 70th Birthday with an open air concert on Cypress Avenue in Belfast. PJ was there and they performed the Van Morrison duet together once more. The next night PJ attended Van’s private Birthday party, where Chris Farlowe performed.

Sadly, PJ was not invited to any Sixties Tour in 2015. However, PJ did perform at Michael Gelardi’s Boisdale restaurant on Canary Wharfe in London on 28 November, backed by The Pacemakers and Sophie....

In december, PJ was invited to perform at Bob Green’s surprise Birthday Party, where they performed Hold Me together...

We conclude the year with PJs wish:

A Merry Christmas To All and To All a Swinging New Year!

PJ is pulling at the bit

to go for it in 2016!