About 2010


What was 2010 all about?

After a long and very quiet winter, Robert Pratt - Proby’s manager since July 2009 - presented PJ with work for the Spring: a tour as a guest star on Dominic Kirwan’s show. This turned out to be a good formula.

Proby did 13 shows with Dominic in his Rock ‘n Roll Country Show and 4 shows in the Pride Of Ireland Show. PJ also was a guest in Belfast for Dominic’s 50th Birthday Charity Show. All the shows with Dominic were a huge success. The artists benefited from each other, by introducing their fans to the other artist. Dominic’s backing band and technical team are very professional and PJ was accepted into the Irish family. It was a very good experience. On top of this, Dominic and PJ performed some great duets, with the Gospel Medley.

Before this Tour started, PJ did his own show with The Feds. This was the only time in 2010: in Brean Sands Holiday Village. It was a very lively show. You can watch some footage on YouTube:

The summer was quiet again and no work came from Robert Pratt.

Luckily, this was followed by the Sixties Gold Tour 2010, “The Ultimate Line-up”, with P.J. Proby, Gerry & The Pacemakers, The Searchers and Chip Hawkes. P.J. was presented as a guest star and  sadly was only allocated a 25 minutes spot. He mainly performed songs that were hits by others in the Sixties: The Price Of Love, Love Me, If I Can Dream, Three Steps To Heaven, and The Night Has  A Thousand Eyes. To end his spot, Proby did Somewhere and Hold Me, which were received with huge applause.

In total there were 36 very successful shows. Most shows were sold out and PJ’s performance was widely praised. The Pacemakers and Sophie did a great backing job! Sadly, the technical side of this tour was not up to PJs standards, which resulted in him not being able to use his very modern digital microphone and in-ears. At the end of this tour Robert Pratt decided he would no longer manage nor represent P.J. Proby. It looks likely Proby won’t be on next year’s line up for the Sixties Gold Tour. However, Chimes has put together the 2011 Elvis Tour with Lee Memphis King for Proby, in cooperation with David Halford from Artistes Direct, so thank you Robert!

Dutchbrand produced a new CD for the Sixties Gold Tour 2010.

This CD contains studio recordings of the five new songs that PJ

sang during this tour, plus some bonus tracks.

It also contains the Ray&Miley Cyrus track:

Ready, Set, Don’t Go that PJ recorded with 11-year-old Ellie Dibben

in 2010. A very powerful song!

The signed CD is available through our official website www.pjproby.net.

The year 2010 has had a very good ending! PJ’s old friend Göran Engman - a very well-known actor and singer in Sweden- invited PJ to join him for six performances in his Christmas Show for Uppsala Stadsteater. These were a huge success. PJ performed his whole set from the Sixties Gold Tour and also did three duets with Göran: All I Have To Do Is Dream, The Sun Ain’t Gonna Shine Anymore and Blue Christmas.

Sweden loves Proby and Proby loves Sweden. There are plans to continue the collaboration in 2011!

Watch the footage on YouTube:

For details about the show dates go to Tour Dates 2010.

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