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DutchBrand’s main Star is the legend P.J. Proby,

which gives DutchBrand it’s Texas Touch!!!!


P.J Proby made his name in Europe in 1964 when he landed through satellite in all of our living rooms, performing in “Around The Beatles” TV special, shown worldwide from the first satellite. The show from this man from Texas was something never seen before in Europe. His voice is utterly amazing. It spans from baritone to falsetto in a few seconds. His hits “Hold Me”, “Together” and the West Side Story song “Somewhere” conquered the charts that same year. The next year Proby gave us his unique versions of “I Apologise” and “Maria”.

P.J. Proby is the man with the thousand voices.

He can sing anything and -should you choose- anybody.

Theatre performances include the shows “Elvis Presley The Musical” (in 1977 and again in 1996), “Roy Orbison – Only The Lonely”, “Johnny Cash – Ring Of Fire”, “Quadraphenia” with the Who, and Jack Good’s “Good Rockin’ Tonight”, the life story of Jack Good, the producer who brought Proby over to the UK. Proby has also done Michael McLure’s Spider Rabbit on stage in the East End and he played Cassio in the rock musical “Catch My Soul”, based on Shakespeare’s Othello. Currently P.J. Proby is part of the show One Night With Elvis with Lee Memphis King, where Proby brings back his early years with Elvis in songs and stories from the stage. This show could also be booked through DutchBrand.

Proby has led a colourful life; he has seen and done it all. In 1992 he chose to quit drinking. Ever since his stage presence grew even more powerful and Proby is completely dependable.

He’s a living legend for sure.

Proby’s show is pure power. It lasts over an hour. It’s a mix of up tempo rockers and ballads sung with deeply felt passion. The audience can’t help but being thoroughly swept up in his music.

When booking P.J. Proby, there are different possibilities.

Proby can bring his own backing band or be accompanied by a large in house orchestra or local band, as he has all his music written out for the musicians to read.

Proby can be hired as a support act for other artist’s tours that are of top of the bill profile and quality or he can provide the main show. His group is also capable of doing their own spot in the program. Proby can be booked for single shows or complete tours, private engagements, dinner speaking, voiceovers, commercials and ads, motion pictures and television.

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skypenaam manjadolan


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painted by Susanne Persson, Stockholm